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I sent in the document packet to the National Visa Center


Yesterday was a complex day: Mothers day.

I went to work. I like my work. so after I went to buy gifts for my mums hehehehe I bought two heart glass and well a homeless scare me cause I through was going to steal my money or something like that.

After my short adventure, I asked to my brother if he bought something to mom so he did.

I also ask for where was my mom so and my bros was at my grandma house.

Terribly news. I didn't had option cause i don't have keys from home so. I needed to reach grandma house and I did. As the specked every one was happy to see me. I gave to mom her gift, she looks like she love it.

After eat something i was trying to just disappear using my phone. So my Sweet aunt wanted to know what I'm doing in my life. After giving me some advices for my marriage she told me: Kelly, I was angry with you and I still am. I even have been taking bad about you and I said that you're a bitch. (that was kind). It hurts but well shes not perfect why should i listen to these words?

After this hypocrite day I had a talk with mom. I had the chance to talk about my feelings so she about her feelings, was the first time we had a good talk without fighting.

Anyway my husband is and he will always be my home. Even with this fact don't mean I miss my family it will always happen cause they are part of me.


Son la 01:37am para mi. Hoy es mi primer día de trabajo, otra vez. He cambiado como 4 veces de trabajo como en un mes. Me desespero porque ya quiero volver a estar con mi esposo, Lo extraño muchisisisisimo. Cada día es un alivio para mi.

Encontre un departamento para q pueda estar con mi esposo pero tendre que esforzarme aun mas por cubrir lo necesario.

Every person spend fighting the whole life to find happiness.:-) That only happens if we take the choice. Give the people the chance to have the power of our happiness

Its a big mistake, don't cake if we talk about our husband or wife.

But i also think that we can choose with who we wanna be happy and also give happiness.

I understand that my husband isn't my happiness, but i want him most of the time be part of my happiness and also i want make him happy all the time.

This is my problem every day, looks like i miss to be happy cos, I'm free when I'm with him, he protects me, he is always kind to me. Only when we fight his face looks angry, but isn't like that all the time. Just when its my fault. He isn't looking for be angry or just saying stupid things just cause its jealous of others peoples life.

I miss my husband terribly as i never imagine, this is a trouble to me. I feel miserable. I feel like i don't have enough for my husband. I wish i could give more.

I feel bad we he says that we are broke, but the truth its we have each other we are a team we been fighting to have a life together. It means like we can do everything for each other cause we are together and hope with all my heart we will always.

Live with him those 6 month's was like close my eyes and just feel the wind.

I want back my life with him i miss it in a way isn't possible to describe.:-(

I've been keeping up on my homework Differential Equations and updating my notes as the class progresses. I also continue to develop my compiler. That's been pretty frustrating most of the time, but I think I may have had a breakthrough today, commits to follow.

Kelly's visa process is moving forward; we we're recently contacted by the National Visa Center.


Mas o menos 1 mes para volverlo a ver!!!!

Amo a mi persona favorita.

Esta foto fue la que traía en mi celular cuando estaba enamorada de mi esposo, Eso la hace mi foto favorita, o bueno una de tantas que tengo , pero esta es la primera.

Me hace tan feliz!!!!!


Pensé que este día tendría un problema mas con mi esposo pero creo que resulto de lo mejor y mas tranquilizante que nunca.

Había tenido muchos problemas en comprender que es lo que pasaba con su relación anterior. Los Mexicanos tenemos una perspectiva diferente en cuanto algunas cosas. Cuando algo se termina, se termina.

Mi esposo es un buen hombre de corazón noble. Durante mucho tiempo pensé que solo tenia una parte de el conmigo y tenia que ayudarle a superar lo anterior para poder ganar lo que me faltaba de su corazón.

No tengo desconfianza en mi corazón, solo miedo a no ser merecedora de su amor.

Su ex-esposa unas ocasiones lo ha buscado y yo sentía incomodidad. Gracias a Papá (Mi Suegro) pude entender la razones del por que mi esposo es de sentimientos nobles. Lo cual me hace agradecida de que el no sea tan duro como yo.

Me siento culpable de las discusiones que hemos tenido, No había entendido bien, pensaba que mi esposo aun no podía dejar ir esa parte de su pasado.

Pero con las palabra que uso anoche me ayudo a que desapareciera el miedo de mi corazón. El dijo que el no estaría conmigo casado si no hubiera superado su pasado, que yo merezco lo mejor: ser amada completamente.

Creo que me faltaba escuchar y entender y aun mas tener que ser paciente en escucharlo con atención.

El siempre tiene algo que enseñarme. Simplemente mi esposo es el mejor.

Ahora soy mucho mas feliz por haberle escuchado.

I'm surprised at how much criticism I receive for this site. Some of it saying that I should be careful of what I write because I might be judged based on what is here. Some criticize for not removing unpleasant things from the past.

I have expressed pain and frustration here and also victories. It is a journal of sorts. There are other things that I only write privately. I'm certainly not comfortable sharing everything that I think. I think everyone has their own challenges I think if we were all honest with each other and recognized the common factors in the human experience we could solve many more of our problems.

I feel pretty firmly that I shouldn't remove things that I wrote or ignore important events. Life being what it is, I don't feel that I should be in the business of rewriting it. I should say what I think, and report what I see, and not apologize for it. To do otherwise would seem to be a kind of lie. In any case my biographers will need source material.

The challenge here and always is to make the future better than the past--learn from mistakes and all that. Then again, to improve the future should I not learn from and not forget the past.

I don't that should make me unemployable. Being a realist should be a valuable trait in many places.

I suppose that I shouldn't care what people think of me: it's better to be understood than liked.


What does it say about the person that they cannot see in themselves what they so despise in others? So easily do they forget their own shortcomings? So perfect is their own moral grounding? It shows a lack of honesty with and of one's self.

We need to be better than this. The only way to make any realistic or meaningful judgment is to start from a position of honesty and understanding. The opposite of honesty and just judgment is emotional overreaction; and this thoughtless, blind, proud passion is the root cause of all our difficultly.

If we teach an idiot to communicate we do nothing to cure his idiocy and allow him to spread his idiotic ideas to others. But if we first teach the idiot that he is an idiot, then we put him on the path to cure his idiocy.


My mother-in-law really dislikes me. I don't really want to go into it right now, but she is making my wife miserable.


On April 11, 2017, we approved your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number SRC1790113987. We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.


Happily married for 7 months today!! I love you baby Happy Dance.

Dined at The Harmon; you can't beat $5.51 for a good meal.


I posted the first essay I did for English Composition II. I only got a 89%.

I'm currently editing my calculus notes.

I didn't get into Technical Communication, and was rather rudely kicked out of the class. I was wait-listed partly because of the admissions delay mentioned below.


Did my tax return paperwork today; It takes a couple hours as usual. Another year I am tax exempt for being broke.

I have spent the last couple weeks helping my dad with his pile of projects:

Is it cheaper to drive or to fly to Mexico City? I drive a 1985 Ford Ranger that get about 17mi/gallon. It includes comfortable built-in lodging. At 2,931 miles I would burn about 172 gallons of gas. Gas is around $2.80 so my one-way cost is $482 plus food and an oil change. Make that about $1000 for a round trip.

Flights seem to land around $400-500 dollars per seat for a round trip, Plus baggage. A one-way might land around $350. So to go to Mexico and bring someone back would cost $450+25+350+25+80=$930 Plus $100 shuttle if no one wants to get us at the airport.


Consumer Broadband Privacy Protections Are Dead

from the states-rights...when-convenient dept

Wed, Nov 1st 2017 11:55am

Last week, the Senate voted 50-48 along party lines to kill consumer broadband privacy protections. That vote then continued today in the House, where GOP lawmakers finished the job, apparently happy to advertise how ISP campaign contributions consistently, directly manifest in anti-consumer policy with a 215 to 205 vote (you can find a full vote breakdown here)…



People take the Internet far too seriously. Ignoring an email or text message should not be a friendship breaking experience. In a way, electronic communication is far more invasive and exaggerated than normal speaking. People seem to feel that they have the right to get and keep someone's attention whenever it strikes their fancy. If people don't manage their time well, the Internet can become a huge time sink with nothing productive to show for it.


Extraño a mi marciano. Ya ha pasado una semana desde que se fue es horrible estar sin el, siento que es el único que me protege y al mismo tiempo me da libertad.

Hace dos días cumplimos 6 meses de casados estaba muy inquieta por saber si mi esposo me escribiría algo cursi. Pero se me olvida que tiene mas de Vulcano que de Humano hehehehe. Y yo me sentí algo triste por eso pero siempre lo voy a amar así.

Estoy viviendo con mama y mis hermanos, creo que aquí todo mundo solo esta esperando tener una razón para decir me de cosas, Creo que mi abuela esta entusiasmada por que mi mama me diga de cosas solo por que hace unas semanas tuvo un accidente y toma una medicina que la droga un poco y mi abuela al parecer encuentra prudente que mama me diga lo que piensa. No encuentro lo divertido en joder me la vida… Aparte que odio que me estén diciendo cosas de mi esposo YO ELEGI ASÍ, Y ASÍ LO AMO!!! la que esta casada soy yo y a ellos parece afectarles mas que a mi.

Lo bueno de esta semana es que ya tengo trabajo, podre pagar a Raquelito y ver el Vuelo para Junio. Eso del vuelo me emociona, ya quiero ver a mi esposo otra vez Ammon es lo mejor q me ha pasado, se que cuando me enojo digo q es malo etc…pero aun así es lo mejor de mi vida y así sera por la eternidad. <3


Yesterday I was reading through the archives on this site and noticed the marked difference in tone from when I started. Before 2015 it was more light-hearted and optimistic. I still may not have fully recovered. I suppose that academically and financially I haven't recovered at all yet. Nor relationship-wise since I currently can't stay in the same country as my wife. But we'll get there. It should only be a matter of time before my wife's visa is approved and she is here with me. Depending on what my advisor has to say in May, next school year I should be well on my way to a meaningful degree. Now if I could just find some realistic income things would be great. We just have to push these next two years and things should really start to open up for us.


As of today I have been married for six months. Kelly is expecting me to write something endearing. I'll write something, but I won't tell her I did it. So here I am writing that I have had a wonderful six months with my beautiful, gentle girl. She makes me happy always.

She's been upset all day, and now wants me to erase everything she's posted on this site.


Han sido dias tristes sin Ammon. Estaba acostumbrada a abrazarlo mucho.

Cuando estabamos juntos y llegaba a enojar me con el por alguna razon me decia a mi misma: Raquel no te enojes por que cuando no este contigo desearas a ver aprovechado ese tiempo en vez de enojarte.

Y asi es. Lo extaño mucho mas de lo que antes lo extrañaba.

Ahora tengo un plan nuevo para poder estar con el de nuevo.

Extraño mucho a mi esposo, encontre la Paz a su lado y tambien Libertad de amar a sido mucho mejor que un psicologo. Solo se ha dado el tiempo de hablar conmigo y tambien de escuchar me, me ha aconsejado de una manera sabia.

No recuerdo precisamente quien dijo que cuando encontraras a la persona correcta sentirias el deseo de mejorar. Provablemente para los integrantes de mi familia mi Amado esposo no es lo mejor para mi pero Quien dijo que yo era lo mejor para el?...No somos perfectos pero nos amamos y sabemos lo que queremos y quisimos casarnos por que queriamos tener el compromiso de dar y ser lo mejor del uno al otro. Que mal que mi familia en su soberbia se quede con lo q ni sus ojos o sus corazones ven. Ammon es un gran hombre de esos que son dificiles de encontrar incluso dentro de los mormones.

Por estas y aun hay mas razones del por que lo estraño. Tambien me enseño a ser mas fuerte.

Te amo Gatito.


Today I've had to return to the US. My Mexican visa ran out and I have to get back to school. I will be separated from my wife for several months. This is sad for both of us. Kelly has insisted on moving back in with her mother to avoid being lonely. I have my misgivings. I had hoped that Kelly would have a job by this time and that she could stay in our apartment while I am away. Those were the goals I set for myself before coming down here.


First real rain in months, the rainy season is coming.


It's either bureaucratic pedantry or plain old incompetence, or both, but I'm so sick of being held back and unrecognized. I get this sort of treatment at every turn. But wait, there's 3 more hoops for you to jump through. The only upside to this encounter it that they fixed it within hours of my resubmission. They said it would take 3 business days.

So I was over the top with some of this but it doesn't change the point.

To whom it may concern,

I read your pages available at:

If you will please review them yourselves you will find that they make
**no mention of acceptable file formats**. Your instructions only say
that the transcript must be "prepared" and sent as an attachment. If
plain text files were unacceptable to you then you should have said so
in your instructions, rather than as a side note provided after there
was any hope of correcting the mistake.

Your instructions for "preparing" involve marking names and numbers "on
every page". Since these are digital documents the concept of a page is
rather vague. More disturbingly, it would seem that you are asking your
future students to alter their transcripts before submission.

As for file formats, what I sent you the first time is call a plain text
file. Plain ASCII text is the foundational data format of all digital
systems. Plain text files can be opened and read by any computer in
existence for the last 50 years since it was mandated for use on all
government computers by President Lyndon B. Johnson. ASCII is widely
recognized as **the most successful standard ever**, period. It was also
the exact file and format that was provided to me by Peninsula College.

PDF is a reasonable format, but unnecessary in this case as there is no
special formatting on the page. Furthermore, asking me to send it to you
as a PDF is again asking me to alter the document before sending it to
you. I'm not in the business of altering transcripts.

JPEG is a lossy compression format (read: intentionally degraded image)
that was never designed for and is certainly unsuitable for transmitting
text since it tends to create artifacts on high contrast edges as
demonstrated in the provided files.

TIFF is an unmaintained dinosaur that hasn't been updated in 25 years.
It is a specialist format for graphics designers and desktop publishers.
It isn't actually a image format at all, but a container format with
multiple, mutually incompatible, versions. The TIFF files I'm sending,
for your convenience, contain JPEG. I could have just as easily sent
some esoteric Nikon format that you certainly wouldn't be able to open.
Please note that the TIFF files being sent are by far the largest ones,
that is, they have the worst compression of the files being sent.

If by some chance you believe that by requiring these particular formats
you are preventing me from altering the document then you are frankly
deluding yourselves.

If by some chance you believe that you accept multiple formats to help
your future students who might not be able to use some formats, then
again you are again deluding yourselves. If that were the case then you
would accept a wider range of file formats including plain text. Even MS
paint opens .bmp .jpeg .gif .tiff and .png. You could also easily accept
.txt .pdf .html .doc .docx .rtf etc. all of which can be opened by
common office software.

To recap:
* If you have required file formats you should say so in your instructions.
* The transcript I sent you was in the format provide by my school.
* This format is universal and easy to use on any computer, and should
be accepted by anyone.
* I am not going to "write on my document" because it is not paper.

My name is Ammon Dodson. My TCC student ID is: 201315064. I have
attached my transcript in multiple formats for your convenience. My
official transcript is already in the mail. I am awaiting your favorable
response so that I can register for classes this spring.

Ammon Dodson
CES - Institute of Technology
University of Washington

On 02/28/2017 01:28 PM, Roberson, Tamara wrote:
> Thank you for your inquiry.
> Please Resubmit your transcript for placement. One or more of the listed
> requirements below were not met, or your transcript was unclear.
> Please access our webpage titled “The Enrollment Process for information
> regarding our assessment: 
> Unofficial transcripts from colleges you have attended with English and
> math grades of “C” or higher may be used for placement.
> We also evaluate test scores (ACCUPLACER, COMPASS, & SAT) less than 2
> years old for placement.
> Attach and email transcripts/test scores to
> or bring in person to Bldg. 7, or mail to TCC, Bldg. 7, Assessment
> Services, 6501 S. 19th St. Tacoma, WA 98466.
> Transcript must refer to you by name.
> Transcript must contain the name of the college or university you
> attended. You must provide your TCC Student ID number (neatly write your
> Student ID number on your document).
> Your email attachment will need to be a PDF or Clear picture file such
> as JPEG or TIFF.
> Evaluation results will be provided through your TCC Student Email
> Account so please make sure you have activated your TCC Student Email
> Account.
> Have a great day!
> tamaratriciaa


Cleaned out our apartment.


Kelly and I went ice skating. My right knee is now purple and green.


Spending the weekend with the in-laws.


Searching for return flights.


Marriage is not an easy thing but it is the best thing that has happened to me in particular. This day has been a little hateful. At Walmart it just seems like they hire you to work but they also wait for you to have money to get it off the salary. Start looking for work from home. Ammon will go back to Washington, unfortunately I'm going to miss him and I just want to spend these days with him. I know it sounds like he's going to die but life always has surprises and we do not know that things are easier and which are difficult. I love him very much and I get very angry with him too. At times it seems a bit cold but the reality is only what comes from his lips. We the Mexicans are very accustomed to being offended by anything and I am lamely very sensitive. I know that I can learn many things from my husband. Neither of us are perfect do we love that is what helps us to always get ahead. The ex-wife has been looking for him. I do not understand why she keeps doing it and I find it annoying I think she should stay with her life and let others live their own. She ruined it apparently. I think she has to continue and find happiness, because of the past and the search for people to victimize us because we are only paying the consequences of the decisions we make It does not help at all.


I'm switching from iframes to server side includes for the site's headers and footers. this means I have to change most of the file extensions from html to shtml. CSS has gotten some inmprovements. I'm also redesigning how the notes and commentary sections work.


There is a grand difference between the child who says I want to become, and that child that, however foolishly and feebly, does. The child that from the age of six says I want to paint, and that child that does paint from the age of six are no equals.


I detest salespeople.

I want to talk about politics and psychology, about city planning and economics. And what do they interrupt me with? The price of tomatoes yesterday, apparently it was remarkably low.


We saw a little black and white Chihuahua get run over today so life is exciting.

I swear I can make a better educational system than what we have today.


Those who fail to become professionals become artists. Those who fail to become artists become critics.


Parents do their children a great disservice when they believe that the children are exceptional.


Why the modern world is bad for your brain

Multitasking is an essential skill in the era of email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter. But, argues neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin, it’s actually making us less efficient | By Daniel J Levitin

Multitasking is a myth, and interruptions degrade productivity and happiness. So I don't usually answer the phone. Emails might take days or weeks to get a response, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I spent a little time today digging into old files I have stashed in my hard drive. I moved some of them to the website.


Amo mucho mucho a mi niña chiquita, chaparita, gordita de ojos enormes y cabello esponjado.


Workers have no rights in Mexico. The National minimum wage is something like 75 MXN / day. The exchange rate is something like 1 USD = 20 MXN. Wages are never paid by the hour or advertised by hourly rates. A typical job advertisement will advertise a monthly rate. A typical minimum wage job will work 6 days a week for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, and pay ~4000 MXN / month. For example Walmart Mexico pays 4400 / month and works about 10 hrs / day, 6 day /week. Therefor the typical minimum wage job pays around 150 MXN /day. Obviously the national minimum wage is so low, that the market rate is higher. The typical hourly rate is roughly 18 MXN / hr or around 1 USD / hr. Even though these are rates for unskilled labor such as stockers, promoters, or cashiers, the employer will often require a high school diploma.

These numbers are for established, reputable, businesses. Such businesses are in the minority. The majority of businesses are fly-by-night, cash-only affairs where the monthly pay may be comparable, but the hours considerably worse, resulting in even lower per hour rates. Mexicans don't think in per hour rates, and there are no laws for them.

Even people with the Mexican equivalent of a bachelors degree, the licentiatura, are often paid little better. Even though the licentiatura takes about 5 1/2 years to complete, a typical holder may expect only slightly better pay: A college educated dental assistant can make 5000 - 6000 monthly, but maybe with better hours. This is why there are so many self employed fly-by-nights: it's the only chance of making a decent hourly rate, even if nobody thinks in those terms.

To put some perspective on things, a frugal couple might expect to spend 8000 MXN in monthly living expenses. A typical rent for a one-room is around 4000 monthly. Adding food and transportation, maybe utilities, and you get to 8000 easily.

In addition to the complete lack of a minimum wage, Mexico has no laws to protect those wages. An employer may dock an employee's already paltry pay for any number of reasons including a low till. Walmart docks half a day's pay for a missed day. They may also delay payment at the end of a contract.

Mexico has no workplace harassment laws. Any women going to work can expect a steady stream of unwanted touches and propositions from customers, coworkers, and managers.

Mexican businesses openly discriminate on the basis of age and sex often specifying both in job advertisements. After the age of 50 it is typically impossible to find a job. Many jobs are only available to people between 20-35 years old, some specifically for men and others for women.


Kelly Bought me a Fallout wallet. It's really cool.


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