It's Been a Hell of a Year

I haven't, and probably won't work to finish this story. It is probably healthier for me to distance myself from the whole affair. He he, affair! get it?

Perhaps better said: A year of Hell? It may be a little raw yet to write an overview of the year, but I'll give it a good start and finish it next summer when all the news is moved off the front page. I let the news entries sit on the front page for 6 months before moving them to the olds directory.

The Year In Review

There seems to be a stark contrast between this year and the previous one. I suppose I was happier before. I was more successful in more than one way. This year I succeeded in loosing a creative job at $17/hr, I lost a wife with whom I at least was happily married, I nearly got myself excommunicated from my church when I let myself fall apart over July and August and I nearly failed to graduate by barely passing my classes right before graduation.

I can't believe I posted 2 Taylor Swift videos.

First It Started

I was happily married to Chanelle. We were living with her parents, temporarily while we were in school. She was in her first year as a nursing student. I was in my last year of a transfer degree. The plan was to finish the school year and move to Tacoma to finish our studies at The University of Washington. Chanelle was complaining regularly about her classes and the stress she was experiencing.

In Clallam county the Port Angeles and Sequim School Districts, along with the Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center SARC were approaching various financial crisis. Financial crises in the School districts caused by spending their maintenance budget on things other than maintenance resulted in failing, leaking, and unappealing buildings and no money for repairs or replacement. At SARC a similar situation had occurred with the additional failure that the board of directors had allowed the facility to operate with negative cash flow until their reserves were all but spent.

In Washington State the constitution states that the primary purpose of the state is to provide for the education of the citizenry. To their credit Washington is one of the best educated and richest states in the Union. however in recent times the legislature has failed to provide funding, to the tune of several billion dollars, for the various educational programs that are considered mandatory.

In the nation we were beginning to hear the chant of black lives matter as more and more police shootings around the country had been caught on camera.

The world was a relatively peaceful place with the exception of the civil war in Syria. That war had been going on for 3 years since the Arab Spring, a period of time when several Arab countries revolted against their dictatorial governments. Of those countries only Syria was still fighting. The war had been getting increasingly violent with the Assad government resorting to attacking civilian populations.

The United states had removed its infantry from the ground, but had continued to fight a Drone War, using unmanned drones to kill people from the sky.

Then It Continued

By February, but maybe before, my wife started an affair. The pressure of a poorly managed nursing program was apparently too great. Instead of expressing that pressure or using her family for support she resorted to escapism. She started going to parties with less responsible, alcoholic types instead of coming home or studying with fellow students. Studying was always the excuse. But when she started locking and hiding her phone, and then not even coming home at night it became obvious that something was amiss.

Also in February I was laid-off from my part-time electrician job at Platypus Marine boat yard. Although sometimes I disliked the environment the work was challenging and fun, my schedule was somewhat flexible, and the pay was good. I don't know why I was laid-off. My immediate manager seemed to be happy with my work. As far as I know I completed projects on-time and under budget. There were a few mistakes (there always are), but nothing major or recent. I had been warned by a co-worker that the general manager had the impression that I was socializing too much, or walking too slowly. Around the same time they hired two new full time electricians.

Working at Platypus Marine had allowed me to slowly pay my way through at Peninsula College. It had been a slow process, but I was determined to finish it in 2015. After my lay-off I took a full-time minimum-wage job to fill the gap. I was taking calculus and physics in the morning, working in the evening, sleeping and doing homework when I could. This was about the same time that Chanelle was having her meltdown.

This was also my most challenging school year. My grades started slipping so I quit my new job after only two months, and not a moment too soon. The way the class schedules and credit transfers are written if I didn't get a 2.5 in all my classes I would either have to wait a year to retake that class at PC or retake the entire series at UW.

Divorce Sucks

So I think that the only reason I took it as well as I did is that there really wasn't much I could do about it. Meaning in turn that it really can't reflect too badly on me.

I can see in my writing at the time that I was pretty desperate to get her back. I suppose some people would have just cut her off. I've never been an angry person, frustrated yes, angry not so much. For months I still had hope that we could fix things. Her decisions at the time were just so poor, I kept hoping she'd plea temporary insanity and we could maybe try to rebuild. I suppose I'm also a very trusting person; somebody else would have been more suspicious, and earlier.

My wife had an affair and left me. She cheated and lied; that was her decision. Maybe I trusted too much; but really it was out of my control. She traded me for someone else in a decision that was so objectively poor that the only thing it demonstrates is a serious lack of judgment.

She has always said that this new living situation is temporary, but she stubbornly refuses to leave. Now that he, in turn, has cuckolded her, and she stays, it only goes to show that she needs to prove to herself that she can be stable--reliable--responsible. She needs to feel that she is mature, that somehow, purely by enduring pain and discomfort she can win the approval that she has never stopped seeking.

She has been very responsible financially. She has kept a steady job, bought and paid for a car. But ultimately, what she is trying to prove is that she is/was not wrong, that despite the lying and betraying she can still be successful. In her quest to prove her self-worth she has only demonstrated a lack of self respect and a lack of the moral courage that would be required for her to say I was wrong, or take action on what she already knows is a dead-end relationship. She will always be hobbled until she can take a step back and recognize that having a car and paying the bills are ultimately superficial--very visible--important? yes--but not what builds character.

My Painting

I was required to produce 6 paintings for the class; I made 8. Tulsi has my sailboat. We got through physics and calculus together. There is an inside joke there too. My sister Ashara has my mermaid. I left Fall from Grace at the school; I have no idea what happened to it. The rest are at my parents house; I don't think they got beyond a cursory glance.


A Happier Ending

Fue hermoso que mi querido gatito es un amor.
Y así se comienza un nuevo año!!!!!
Comprometida con mi dulce amor, lamentablemente se tendrá que ir.
Pero regresara para que al fin estemos juntos para siempre! :D

In Other Olds

I did a piece on immigration for a class.


I had an email account at Lavabit when it disappeared. I also believe believe that every person has an implicit right to privacy from the government, just as I believe the government has no right to privacy from the people. It is a government...for the people after all.

I have since not been able to find an free encrypted email service anywhere, and have resorted to a less desirable arrangement.

May 20th, 2014

My Fellow Citizens,

My legal saga started last summer with a knock at the door, behind which stood two federal agents ready to serve me with a court order requiring the installation of surveillance equipment on my company’s network.

My company, Lavabit, provided email services to 410,000 people, and thrived by offering features specifically designed to protect the privacy and security of its customers. I had no choice but to consent to the installation of their device, which would have provided the government with access to all of the messages, for all of my customers, as they travelled to and from other providers on the Internet.

But that wasn’t enough. The federal agents also said their court order required me to surrender the company’s private encryption keys, and I balked. What they claimed to need were customer passwords, which were sent securely, so they could access the plain-text of messages for users taking advantage of my company’s encrypted storage feature. (The government would later claim they only demanded the encryption keys because of my "noncompliance".) I didn’t realize until I retained an attorney that what the agents proposed would have exceeded their authority.

Bothered by what the agents were saying, I informed them I would first need to read the order they had just delivered and then consult with an attorney. The feds seemed surprised by my hesitation.

What ensued was a flurry of legal proceedings that would last 38 days. When the dust settled I found myself the owner of a $10,000 civil contempt fine, my business shut down, and bit by bit, the very principle upon which I founded it – that we all have a right to personal privacy, slipping quickly away. (To appreciate just how fast the case moved, consider the median timeframe for a similar proceedings was 9.7 months in 2012.)

The government lawyers tried to overwhelm me. In the first two weeks, I was served court orders a total of seven times – leading to contact with the FBI every other day. (This was the stretch a prosecutor would later characterize as the "long period of silence".) It took a week for me to identify an attorney who could adequately represent me given the complex issues involved – and we were in contact for less than a day when agents served me with a summons ordering me to appear in a Virginia courtroom (over 1,000 miles from home). Two days later, after admitting their demand to my lawyer, I was served a subpoena for the encryption keys – also marking the first time they put their demand in writing.

With such short notice, my first attorney was unable to appear alongside me in court. Because the whole case was under seal, I couldn't admit to anyone who wasn't a lawyer that I needed help, let alone why. In the days before my appearance I would spend hours repeating the facts of the case to a dozen attorneys, as I sought someone else that was qualified to represent me. I also discovered that as a third party in a federal criminal indictment, I had no right to counsel. Thus my pleas for more time were denied. After all, only my property was in jeopardy – not my liberty. My right to a “fair hearing” was treated as a nuisance, easily trampled by a team of determined prosecutors. In the end, I was forced to choose between appearing alone, or face a bench warrant for my arrest.

When I appeared in Virginia, the government replaced their subpoena for the encryption key with a search warrant and a new court date. I retained a small local law firm before returning home, and they took on the task of assembling a legal strategy and filing briefs in the few short days available. The court barred them from consulting outside experts, making it difficult to understand the complex legal and technological issues involved. Even a request to discuss the case with members of Congress was denied. To make matters worse, the court wouldn’t deliver transcripts for my first appearance for another two months. My legal team was forced to proceed without access to information they needed.

Then, a federal judge entered an order of contempt against me – without even a hearing. Let me be clear. I did not devoted 10 years of my life to building Lavabit, with its focus on privacy, only to become complicit in a plan which would have meant the wholesale violation of my customers’ right to privacy. Thus with my options in court exhausted, the decision was easy. I had to shut down my service. Placing my faith in the integrity of the appeals process.

When the judge granted the contempt charge unopposed – ignoring my attorney’s request to dispute the government’s claims – he created a loophole. I was never given an opportunity to object, let alone provide a meaningful defense. An important point, since the contempt charge endorsed new legal claims – reversing what the court had previously indicated. Without an objection on the record, the appellate court would rule that my right to an appeal had been waived – since the charges hadn’t been disputed in district court. Given the Supreme Court’s tradition of declining to review cases decided on procedural grounds, I will likely be denied justice, forever.

The most important question raised by my appeal was what constitutes a "search," i.e., whether law enforcement may demand the encryption keys of a business and use those keys to inspect the private communications of every customer, when they are only authorized to access information belonging to a select few.

The problem here is technological: until a communication has been decrypted and the contents parsed, it is impossible for a surveillance device to determine which network connections belong to the targeted accounts. The government argued that since the "inspection" would be carried out by a machine, they were exempt from the normal search-and-seizure protections of the fourth amendment.

More importantly, the prosecution argued the exemption was because my users had no expectation of privacy, even though the encryption they were trying to break was created specifically to ensure a users' privacy.

If my experience serves any purpose, it is to illustrate what most already know: our courts must not be allowed to consider matters of great importance in secret, lest we find ourselves summarily deprived of meaningful due process. If we allow our government to continue operating in secret, it is only a matter of time before you or a loved one find yourself in a position like I was – standing in a secret courtroom, alone, and without any of the unalienable rights that are supposed to protect us from an abuse of the state’s authority.

Ladar Levison
Owner and Operator, Lavabit LLC

With my fight in court all but lost, I am focusing my attention on a technical fix. Help me put control over who reads your email back into your hands. Donate to the Lavabit Dark Mail Development Initiative today. Because keeping your business your business is our business.


August 8th, 2013

My Fellow Users,

I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit. After significant soul searching, I have decided to suspend operations. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot. I feel you deserve to know what’s going on--the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this. Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise. As things currently stand, I cannot share my experiences over the last six weeks, even though I have twice made the appropriate requests.

What’s going to happen now? We’ve already started preparing the paperwork needed to continue to fight for the Constitution in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. A favorable decision would allow me resurrect Lavabit as an American company.

This experience has taught me one very important lesson: without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent, I would _strongly_ recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States.

Ladar Levison
Owner and Operator, Lavabit LLC

Defending the constitution is expensive! Help us by donating to the Lavabit Legal Defense Fund.

Via PayPal: here.

Or via bitcoin: 19gy9ifMJuHoRbVpXBgtf6NTAT6PiDb8SQ



Since August 22 I'm the most happy and lucky girl in the world, I don't know how to express my feelings I just know that Ammon is all to me and I don't need someone else in my life...this is just a happy girl talking about her great almost husband.


We visited Templo Mayor the main Aztec Temple in Tenochtitlan. It is an archaeological dig and museum today.


I'm leaving to spend Christmas in Mexico.


Since I have been taking classes in C the information that I have found most useful has been this Dictionary of Standard C Functions. So I decided to post it. The original document used some kind of automatic HTML converter so the code was (is) a horrible mess. I cleaned it up enough to make it presentable, and make it work with the site's CSS. Since it is such a huge file, I have neither the time, nor the inclination to go through it in detail to make all the code and formatting consistent.

We're coming to the end of the quarter at UW and my class load is rising. I had to take a literature class to satisfy some left-wing conspiracy of a diversity requirement that got slipped into my engineering degree. So, I have two writing assignments and a digital portfolio due this week along with my usual math assignments from an abysmal excuse for a linear algebra text book, and a trivial C program.

I can't say I'm impressed. I wish I had known there was an option to test out of intro-programming and maybe save the tuition. It has at least been a confidence booster. I can't actually complain about the diversity requirement since most Americans are woefully bigoted about anything not U.S. But it seems laughably redundant for someone who speaks two languages fluently and has lived in a foreign country for years.

I can't say I've ever had a worse math class, even in high school (she was actually pretty good). If this is the norm, I can now understand why so many people struggle with it.

Lets start with the book Linear Algebra: A modern Introduction by David Poole, lives up to its title as pitiful attempt to be clever in teaching the subject. For those who are wondering, Linear Algebra in College is really just an extension of the Algebra I linear algebra that we learned in high school, except now we are dealing with anything that is flat or straight in an unlimited number of dimensions. As basic as that one simple fact is, the book, and the class, take no pains to highlight it. In fact, they make no effort whatsoever to meaningfully relate anything we are doing to anything we might already know. That's just to start.

Then consider that the sequence of the book, and by extension the class, does not follow a linear progression from basic principles to more advanced ones. Instead the author tries to give an intuitive understanding before releasing (grudgingly) the key tidbits of information that would allow the students to actually understand anything. They start by introducing matrices and linear combinations as overblown ways of solving systems of equations (something we already know how to do). The book expects us to intuitively guess how many solutions a system might have about a hundred pages before it explicitly tells us how to know that. Lets be clear, when critical foundational concepts are introduced as asides to trivial intro material, especially when they are not reemphasized later, you doom your students to spend the next three weeks jumping back and forth in the book trying to figure out what the hell you are talking about.

Then there are the examples. An example is giving a specific instance of a problem in the hope that your student will be able to guess the general rule that it illustrates. Good authors use example in conjunction with careful exposition just as a way to make sure the information was understood, and as confidence builder for the students. David Poole likes to use examples as his only mechanism for explaining key algorithms. When an author relies too heavily on examples the only thing I can think is that he is incapable of sufficiently articulating the general method. I am at a complete loss when the book makes absolutely no attempt to explain that there is a method, or that at some time it may be necessary to produce certain results given certain conditions. Many algorithm explanations exist as single examples, all of which are untitled and un-indexed. If not for fortuitous homework problems you might find yourself several chapters ahead not knowing how to find the null space of a matrix because it was only ever mentioned in one example several pages away from the null space heading. The trace function, used later in the book, is only defined as part of a homework problem!!

while we're at it the chapters have no heading indicating learning outcomes: what you should know, or be able to do by the end of the section. In fact the book puts great emphasis on the stating and proving of theorems. That's all well and good, but as an engineer I couldn't give two shits about how the theorem was proved. As an engineer, I am interested in taking condition A and producing result B in a quick and efficient manner. Everything else is just a means to that end.

Now lets talk about the class itself. Every math class I have taken in the past has de-emphasized lecture. We were regularly given learning goals and expected to read the book, watch video lectures, or find information on-line. Even my high school class spent maybe 20 minutes a day in exposition of new material. Most of our valuable classroom time was spent working problems. The instructors spent their valuable time helping individuals or groups work through the parts they might be struggling with. Some classes allowed us to work in groups, but gave correspondingly more complex problems, problems often with real-world applications. Solving such large problems was fun and competitive, and gave a sense of accomplishment and boosted confidence in being able to use what we were learning.

Enter the University of Washington. Our doctor of mathematics instructor takes her role as a recording device very seriously. Her role in the class room is to regurgitate select contents of the book, while taking pains that it not be verbatim. Application, is limited to an occasional handout and weekly homework. These are invariably of the do-this-long-calculation-without-a-calculator variety. The handouts are not even checked, let alone graded, and of the 10-15 weekly homework problems only five random ones will ever be graded cutting out virtually any possibility of knowing when you're doing something wrong. If that's not lazy I don't know what is.

In calculus, class time was homework time, and homework was one or more projects of find-the-volume-of-this-funky-shape variety. Collaboration was encouraged because Mr. Smith made up new problems every week. Our work was easy to show because what we turned in was a file for a computer algebra system. Files that I feel are definitely worthy of being hung on the refrigerator door.

I'm pissed off because I am paying three times the tuition as I was at a Washington state community college to get half the education. My Peninsula College Associate of Science has virtually no standing the US job market. If I had poor grades at Peninsula College it was because the class was challenging. When I get a poor grade in linear algebra it will be because the class was shitty.


Fiddling with table settings


I've been restructuring my website these last few days.


I finalized my divorce today. A certified copy of the decree is now in the archive.


I hate drama. I would suggest not using me as a sounding board. I cannot lie thus you will probably not like what I have to say. I would like to broker peace, but that generally requires humility on both sides. There is no saving face in repairing a relationship.

Then there is the matter of trust, relationships are meaningless without it. Trust can only be repaired by time, and generally, lots of it. It can be impossible to repair a relationship where the bad feelings just will not go away. For individuals trust may never be reestablished. Organizations, nations and such, at least have the advantage of institutional forgetfulness as the people with trust issues are phased out of relevance.


I hate writing assignments.

2015.OCT.19: If You Want To Support Gun Control, Do It Right

An article by Julianna Siemssen of The Leger: the student newspaper of the University of Washington Tacoma.

I agree that the gun violence issue has become political and dogmatic. It is important to consider that when people are divided on an issue, there is no more sure way to ensure that the problem is not resolved than by resorting to name-calling and dogmatism.

It is important to note that this article is focused on mass shootings and not gun violence in general. Mass shootings in general are so rare as to make statistical comparisons virtually meaningless.


I'm getting a little bored with my classes: they are covering material that I have already covered in Physics and Calculus. Next week TMATH should get more interesting because we'll be getting into matrix operations. At the rate we're going programming may be boring for a while. Migration in Latin literature is actually the only class so far that is giving me new information.

TCES 201

Variables and their sizes.


Cross Products, UPC codes, ISBN-10 codes



Vector notation, Space n notation and the dot-product.


Harvest of Empire


Will be posting class notes today.


First day of classes at the University of Washington.

TCES 201

Introduction to Algorithms


Introduction to vectors


There is nothing in the middle east that can seriously threaten the US. Period. The only reason ISIS or any other group has ANY weapons is because we handed them over, whether through incompetence or political mischief is irrelevant. The US has made it abundantly clear that it is incapable of treating justly with nations and peoples that it considers inferior. We have been creating this instability since we overthrew the first democratic government in Iran in 1953.

Supreme Leader? we put him there for oil rights. Bin Laden? we trained and armed him to piss off the Russians. ISIS? we armed them too when they were still just "rebels". oppressive government it Riyadh? we arm them too as part of an unwritten treaty. Kurds without their own land or ability to defend themselves? That was the British and French. Palestine was full of people when we decided to kick them all out to make room for the Jews. What makes the Kurds less of a priority?

Bush thought we were going to give the people "democracy" and they were just going to fall down and worship us. People still live in tribes and villages over there. For many the idea of a nation state is still foreign, such that democracy is meaningless.

the ONLY solution is to allow them the freedom to figure it out for themselves. meanwhile, there is no real threat to the US, especially if we stop giving them weapons and money.


I went to church in Camarrones ward today. I was a little sick to my stomach from eating so much yesterday. Note to self: have Pepto-Bismol when in México.


I went to Leyes de Reforma today with Raquel. We got to visit Silvia and yeni and la Hermana Camen.


feeling too sick to go out today.


Party and dancing at Camarrones Stake.


Walking downtown, looking for things for the 15th.


Visited the campus of the UNAM: one of the biggest and oldest universities in the world.


Stake Conference in camarrones Stake. Dinner on the roof garden :D


Went to the open house of the Mexico City Temple today.


My Nephew Leo was born today!!


Elena got home today.


Special Stake conference with Elder Christofferson.


Castillo de Chapultapec and Angel de la Independencia today. Then a special Singles conference with Elder Christoffersson tonight.


Museums all day. We saw works by Michelangelo and a museum dedicated to islamic art.


I arrived in Mexico City at 0500 this morning. Best birthday present ever!.


I haven't talked to Chanelle in a couple of weeks. She hasn't called me and I'm glad for that.


my Unofficial Transcript is now publicly available in the about folder.


I spent the day with my friends the Elliot's to help them move away. This summer just gets better and better.


I was born way too soon.

Women are so stupid some times.


Appeared in court today to file for divorce. I have more forms to fill out now. Yay!

Petition for Dissoluton



Peninsula College Commencement Ceremony
© 2015 Peninsula College all rights reserved.

Still trying to clean up this house I'm living in. I fixed the vacuum cleaner and proceeded to remove several cats from the carpets. No idea how long this thing has been going through the motions yet failing to suck. I also fixed the sink and mopped the sticky floors in the kitchen.

The Commencement ceremony for Peninsula College was today. I am pretty sure now that I passed all my classes. I pulled out a few good test scores near the end. I will be posting my transcript when it becomes available.

Some days are better than others, and during the ceremony today I felt pretty good. Chanelle did put in an appearance, like she said she would. Maybe the first step in a long road towards honesty and responsibility? Her parents came and went before I could see them. Perhaps they didn't want to be pulled into someone's web of lies. Chanelle promised to be with other friends today. My parents thought it was odd that she wasn't spending the day with her husband and had to take my sister to work.

So here I am alone again like I was this morning. My few friends, graduating and otherwise are spending the day with their families. No party for me I guess. At least now I have a degree.


Chanelle just needs space to learn how to adult.


Finals week should be filled with manic studying, but I'm finding it hard to care enough about it. School is uninspiring. I'm not even sure why I'm doing this to myself. Fortunately, I should be graduating this week. That way, even if I stop here, at least I finished this. I might just spend a year in Puerto Escondido and learn to surf.


I picked up the forms for a divorce today. She's been telling me she wants to do it for a while now, but if I leave it up to her it will never get done. If she's really as immature as she's making out to be then maybe I don't want to be with her either.

I also got a haircut, and will start a new workout protocol in a week or 2. Details and amazing results to follow.


House sitting for the summer. I now have 7 cats to take care of. I also take care of the neighbor's cats on the weekend. It was going to be Chanelle and I but she's ducked out of this little commitment too.


I'm taking a painting class, but it's hard to paint when all my thoughts are so depressing.


I got to see Chanelle today. We had a good talk. She withdrew from the nursing program today. If it was so bad, why didn't you withdraw before everything got out of control?


Chanelle has no car these days, (comes of flaunting the people you were borrowing a car from). Today she calls me and asks that I pick her up, on the pretext that she will spend the night at home. I got her bathed and washed her clothes. She did some school work and made some print outs. She then realizes that she didn't bring everything she needed for the next day, and would have to go back to her new boyfriend's house after only a few hours. I feel rather used.


My wife went to the school today to practice some nursing skills in the lab. Somehow though, she never came home. I found her at a party with 6 other men including the one she had been cheating on me with. She was drunk, and in her underwear which was quite transparent. She had the nerve to tell me that I had no right to be there and should leave. I made her come home with me. Tonight she packed her things and left with these people.

This Asshole is one David Pish, apparently a wannabe swordsman. It would seem that grown men hitting each other with their rods is a turn on. This boy's father is out of the picture, no doubt the cause of his emotional constipation that many foolish women find so attractive. Not sure what they dig in the lady hair though.

He lives at

	712 Maizie Ct.
	Sequim, WA

He suffers from chronic paranoia.

Individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder are generally difficult to get along with and often have problems with close relationships. Their excessive suspiciousness and hostility may be expressed in overt argumentativeness, in recurrent complaining, or by quiet, apparently hostile aloofness. Because they are hypervigilant for potential threats, they may act in a guarded, secretive, or devious manner and appear to be “cold” and lacking in tender feelings. Although they may appear to be objective, rational, and unemotional, they more often display a labile range of affect, with hostile, stubborn, and sarcastic expressions predominating. Their combative and suspicious nature may elicit a hostile response in others, which then serves to confirm their original expectations.

this paranoia is clearly rooted in deep insecurity related to perceptions of his father not wanting him and, likely, his bastardism. In life he attempts to compensate for is inadequacy through physical conditioning and by associating himself with the only group within which he has the capacity to gain some measure of respect: The Society for Creative Anachronism.

By his own admission, this video sums up his world view in 8 minutes.

mother: julie J Olsen

his home phone number is: (360) 582-9025


I took Chanelle to a movie she wanted to see. Things seem to be improving.


Today I discovered that my wife's cheating was far more extensive than she had admitted to me. I was very angry today. Chanelle has been telling me for weeks that she has been unsatisfied in our relationship and that she was deciding whether or not to leave me. When I made my discovery I let her parents in on what was going on. We had a long discussion, but Chanelle decided to stay with me and we started on a plan to correct the situation. I am most disturbed by how extensively and easily she can lie. I don't know how I can ever trust her again.


Calculus Weekend!! :)


I was at Life in Color this weekend. It was an experience. Dark room, loud music, bright lights, thousands of people, paint flying everywhere. It took over an hour just to get in, but it ran for 6. I only caught the end of Branchez performance. Chanelle dove into the crowd and lost the rest of us. We got back together near the end.


I Quit Walmart! I need the time for school. Some people have tried to convince me that I can just work part-time and still have some money. But the truth is that Walmart is a dead end for me, and at minimum wage, I am sure I can find better ways to make money if I need to. I have decided that I am unemployable. I am more interested in experiences than wealth. Also, I tend to get funny looks whenever I demonstrate moderate knowledge or skill in anything not Walmart related. I'm certain nobody actually read my resume.


No notes this quarter: I am Waay too busy. It is my last quarter at Peninsula College and I'm all lined up for graduation this June. My application to the University of Washington is in. I was led to believe that I will get a response soon and the suspense is killing me.

I've been working full-time at Walmart this last month. Platypus Marine dumped me after hiring a new full-time electrician. My school schedule doesn't allow me to work full time during the day. Tutoring at the college isn't working for me either. Apparently nobody needs a chemistry tutor. It's funny that I traded a part-time job for a full-time one and am still making less money.

Hence the no-free-time. I should really be doing calculus homework right now.


Dear Ammon:

Your application for the Adult High School  Diploma, Spring 2015, has been 
received. The last evaluation was performed on 4/9/2015.  If you are within
ten credits of completing your degree at the end of spring quarter, you ma
y participate in the graduation ceremony.

According to your last evaluation, you will be eligible for graduation upon
the successful completion of all coursework in which you were enrolled when
this evaluation was completed.
Dear Ammon:

Your application for the Associate in Science Track 1, Spring 2015, has bee
n received. The last evaluation was performed on 4/9/2015.  If you are with
in ten credits of completing your degree at the end of spring quarter, you 
may participate in the graduation ceremony.

According to your last evaluation, you will be eligible for graduation upon
the successful completion of all coursework in which you were enrolled when
this evaluation was completed.


I got a bit of a late start so I will have some catching up to do, but my first iteration of my electromagnetism page is up at Electromagnetism. There are going to be some significant challenges since I will not have time to create visual aids. I expect that as usual it will form up as fairly sparse notes. Maybe someday I'll have a reason to polish them up.


Starting School again today with electrostatics I should start keeping physics notes here on my website as I have done with other classes in the past.


I finished Dead Space today.