Or marrying Chanelle Zechenelly



I passed all my classes...Well, I always pass all my classes, but this new engineering physics they are offering has been particularly challenging.

2014.NOV.16: World Faces Certain Doom If Humanity Continues to...

I found this article that basically sums up all the doomsday scientific discoveries ever made.

A picture of the globe
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I moved all the Lady A reporting to its own page.


The Wrecked Lady A

So the latest story is that the Lady A didn't sink completely, but stayed awash until it could be rescued. Air bags were attached and she was towed to John Wayne Marina where emergency repairs were undertaken. Door skin plywood was stapled over the holes, rags stuffed in the cracks, and tarps wrapped around the bottom. By that time, as can be seen in the photo, the house had been completely destroyed by the waves. Even the carpet has been ripped from the cabin sole (see picture linked here and at right). So much for the Bose system I installed. She was then partially pumped out and moved to Port Angeles for haul out on Sunday. She now sits at Platypus Marine for inspection.

Updates and photos to follow.


RAISED FROM THE DEPTHS The Lady A was raised last night and towed to John Wayne Marina. I went today to see the derelict but found that this afternoon it has been moved again, now to Port Angeles where, presumably, it will be hauled out again at Platypus Marine.


The wooden pleasure yacht Lady A sunk today. She had just spent about three months in Platypus Marine Shipyard for an interior remodel, and new paint on the exterior. She is owned by the President of Platypus, Jud Linnabary who was on board at the time.

The Lady A awash
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I updated statistics notes today. I've been so busy. Chanelle and I used gift certificates to get the rest of the stuff from our wedding registry.

I recently rediscovered Lojban. I actually went on a tangent after looking for information on Klingon (also much better developed than I thought). Anyway, Lojban is really cool. It's a logical language designed to overcome grammatical ambiguity while maintaining depth of expression. It's designed to be learned easily. It is part of an experiment to see how languages change over time.

Also I made a side box for my homepage, but I need suggestions on what to fill it with.


I started classes today. Engineering Physics and Statistics notes are now in progress.


Lady Nellie started nursing classes today. She is so excited.

I have a beautiful, wonderful wife: Chanelle Dodson.


A 28-port switch

I bought a new switch for our home network. Hurray, for no more cable stealing. This definitely takes us a couple steps above the daisy-chained workgroup switches we're using now.


Chanelle and I spent the weekend in Seattle. We visited The Seattle Aquarium, Pike's Place, and the Seattle Center.


A wedding photo Our Certificate of Marriage

I married the beautiful Chanelle Zechenelly today!


A road bike
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I bought my first real bike today!! I've wanted to get back on the road ever since I decided to give away my mis-sized walmart-fallapart before my knees failed.

My main concern for this new one was cost. Bicycles can get pretty outrageous when you start adding bells and whistles (pun intended). I went to Ben's Bikes in Sequim and they gave me a great deal. They do maintenance for life, and give me an ongoing 10% discount on all accessories for this bike. Also, the manufacturer, Giant Bicycles, offers a one year power-train warantee, and life-time on the frame.

I swear I'm not being paid to write this: I just like to give credit where it is due, and share any great find I come across.


I posted my resume today on my About Me Page. I decided that it was about time to post some personal information and let the world know who I am. Also it was good practice getting it done. you should check it out.


I need this.

MiG 15

It's affordable, in mint condition, and has only 62 hours on the engine and airframe. I want to fly it. I should probably learn to fly first.


The Peninsula College Hexacopter Team has acquired the manual for its radio controller. Until now we had only been able to find a manual for a similar model.

I was not present for the meeting today, as I was occupied procuring a marriage license Happy Dance.

Chanelle and I receiving our marriage license Our Marriage License


I built a simple logic puzzle for class. Nobody wanted to solve it.


Chanelle was accepted to the Peninsula College Nursing Program! Happy Dance This is a huge achievement for her.

Starting Summer Quarter. I'm Taking Symbolic Logic, Intro to Philosophy, and History of Rock Music (Got to have a humanity).


Can't tell you how jealous I am of this group at San Jose State: Reinventing the Wheel.

Photo of a spherical wheeled motorcyle
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Another Economics test come and gone. Surprisingly I got the same raw score as last time. I have to wait to see how it curves. I haven't been nearly as good about attending class in this section, and my online notes reflect that. Again I will have to leave them in their unfinished state and move on to the next section.


I update the stereo in my fiancee's CRV today. Now she can play music from her phone, iPod, or flash drive.


I scored a 98.5% on my first economics test. So this marks a good stopping point in my macroeconomics notes. They are a little patchy near the middle/end, but I won't have time to polish them up in the near future. The next section of the class will begin with a study of the great depression.

I am also developing a page for PC's new hexacopter UAV. This page will contain the operations manual for the hexacopter. We will be using it for optical surveying of local shoreline and rivers.


My Aunt Robin. So silly.

Humorous photo of whole eggs mourning the loss of a fried egg.


So, after 2 weeks of notice, My sister Kira is the first of my siblings to get married. Apparently it was on the beach. I'm still awaiting photos.


How cool would it be if I could build in live data charts into my Macroeconomics page that automatically extracted data from the BLS, BEA, etc?


I bought my wedding ring today from puzzlering.com. Quite pretty, yes?

Eight-band, sterling silver puzzle ring
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I picked up some new chain-mail. This one is a fairly clever, a-political commentary on government.


I have begun adding my Macroeconomics notes to the site. I plan on doing this with all my classes. This should develop an effective reference for the classes I am taking.


Well, I'm impressed. My site has already been search indexed by Google, Bing, and Ixquick. That was much faster than I thought. I can see the Google bots in my logs coming from the 66.249.76.xxx range. multiple hits and multiple visits so I bet they're trying to see how often the site is updated so they can predict when to re-index.

No one has linked to the site yet. That is to be expected until I get some more interesting content up. Still some of my visitors are using Internet Explorer 6-9, and only one or two of those are me, so somebody is seeing this.


I went to a pig roast with co-workers and family today. It was hosted by the owners of a boat that we are about to finish at work.

Picture of Roast Pig

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Success! The PHYS& 221L-223L series has been officially approved and will be offered at Peninsula College in fall quarter next school year.

In case you are wondering, see my post as of March 19 below, and read the student Initiative we created.


Thinking of Oso

Mar 28, 2014 Friend,

I want to start by sharing my deepest sympathies with the Snohomish County community - all of those whose lives were lost and who were affected by the mudslide are in my thoughts and prayers, including the brave first responders. Here in Washington State, we take pride in our close-knit communities. So our hearts break when a tragedy of this magnitude hits a place like Oso. My team and I are in close contact with the governor, our senators, and Representatives Suzan DelBene and Rick Larsen. As we watch these events unfold, we will do whatever we can to support their efforts and continue to pray for all our neighbors in Northwest Washington.

Let me provide an update on other issues affecting our region and our country.

Advocating for Campaign Finance Reform

A big shout out to the nearly 150 folks who made it to Olympic College in Bremerton last week to discuss campaign finance reform and, in particular, the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. It was great to see such a big turnout to discuss an issue of enormous importance to our democracy. In my view, much of the dysfunction you see in our nation’s capital is the result of a campaign finance system that is broken. Congress ought to take some key steps to ensure that the voices of regular citizens are not drowned out by special interests and deep pockets. In fact, I recently published an op-ed in the Kitsap Sun regarding the need to change big money’s influence on politics. Check out the op-ed by clicking here.

Casework Corner

Some of the most important work my office does is providing casework assistance to citizens who are grappling with federal agencies. We have a terrific staff of people who work for you – helping citizens who may be struggling to get their VA benefits, to get an expedited passport, or to deal with an issue related to Medicare and Social Security.

I would like share a moving casework story involving an international adoption. Mrs. Salimeh Evjen, from Indianola, contacted my office about her family’s adoption of an orphan girl named Lulu, living in Guangzhou, China. Lulu was born with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disease causing the liver to quickly deteriorate. Salimeh sought expedited processing of the adoption in order for Lulu to enter the U.S. quickly and receive treatment. I sent a letter to the Department of State and the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou informing them of the urgency of the situation and Lulu’s story. Thankfully, our office’s advocacy worked. Soon after, Salimeh received the great news that the expedited request was approved. Lulu is now here in the U.S. and doing well with her new family.

If my team and I can help you in dealing with an international adoption or any other issue, please let me know. We are here to help you.

A New Law – The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act

I am thankful that the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act was signed into law on March 21st. While there is still more that ought to be done to address rising flood insurance premiums, the passage of this law was an important step forward for folks in our region. I spoke in support of this bill on the House floor last month:


At nearly every town hall meeting I have, I am asked “Why isn’t immigration reform moving forward?” In fact, earlier this week, during my fifth telephone town hall, the last question of the night focused on the importance of modernizing our immigration system.

Late last year, the United States Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill with bipartisan support. The House should do the same thing. The votes are there. We need to work across party lines to get this done. The current immigration system is broken. By improving our system of legal immigration, we can make illegal immigration less attractive. In addition, done right, immigration reform will be good for American jobs, innovation and competitiveness. In fact, the analysis of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office shows that comprehensive reform will lower deficits by $900 billion.

Earlier this week I joined dozens of my colleagues to try to force a vote on the bipartisan bill, signing something called a “discharge petition.” If a majority of members of the House sign it, the bill will get taken up and we can finally move forward. You, too, can #DemandAVote on immigration reform. I will continue working to move important issues like this forward.

“Save to Win” Prize-Linked Savings Event

To encourage better money savings techniques, I will be participating in a prize-linked savings event open to the public next Monday at the Peninsula Credit Union in Belfair. Prize-linked savings accounts are safe, regulated, and innovative products that are designed to encourage saving. These accounts are typical savings products that offer participants the chance to win prizes. The more participants save, the more chances they have to win prizes. And they can’t lose – the worst that can happen is that the person saves money. The goal here is to strengthen a person’s financial safety net and prepare them to meet future financial needs.

I’ve sponsored a bill in Congress to allow more financial institutions across the country to be able to offer this innovative product. I’ll be talking about that bill and the value of savings at 8:00AM, Monday March 31st, at Peninsula Credit Union, 23550 Highway 3, Belfair WA.

(Two More) Service Academy Information Events

To continue to spread the word about an exciting opportunity to students in our region who are considering a top-tier education with service to our nation in our armed forces, I am holding two more Service Academy Information events in the coming weeks. Service Academy representatives will be in attendance at these events – the first on Saturday, April 5th at 11:00AM at the Lobby and Council Chambers of the Norm Dicks Government Center in Bremerton. The second will be on Wednesday, April 16th at 5:00PM in the Commons area of Montesano High School in Montesano.

And a quick reminder - don’t forget to encourage high school students you know to participate in the House App Design Competition and the Congressional Art Competition.

It’s an Honor to Represent You

Finally, before I wrap up, I want to share a quick happy birthday wish to my grandma (aka “Oma”) who on Monday will turn 104-years-old. She’s an inspiration to me (and I sure hope I have her genes!).

Thanks as always for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out if I or my office can be helpful to you. I’m honored to work for you.

Thank you,

Derek Kilmer


I finished Dead Space 2! I'm grossed out, a little freaked out, and every shadow hides monsters. But I did it!

A Dead Space 2 Screen-shot
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Latest indications from our esteemed Student Council President, Emma Sackett, are that the Physics 220 series has been approved for next year. Happy Dance This is definitely a step in the right direction. It also means I have good incentive to stay for another year. I'm still pushing for Differential equations, and matrix algebra. These classes are important to all science and engineering fields


So I've been refining the layout of the site. I added the logo I invented years ago. I should probably TM that. I created a site-wide Navigation header as seen above. That should make navigation easy. My site is script free. I'll probably add ssl at some point. I'll get the footer straitened out today, and update the rest of the pages to use them.


Today various students of Peninsula College, myself included, submitted an initiative to student development, and instructional services for their consideration. This initiative deals with demonstrating and voicing a student need for calculus-based physics, and other advanced math courses. I have included its full text on my site since I wrote most of it myself. Thanks are also due to Amy Magisos, and Tulsi Marshall for major contributions, encouragement, and proof-reading.

I am really exited about the possibility of expanding the course offerings at the college. Without these classes I don't have a lot of reasons to stay at PC since I've taken just about every class that will transfer to my program at the University of Washington.


Wow, So this is my first website. I've been wanting to have a web presence for a while now. The code was easier than I thought it would be. I used LibreOffice for about 10 minutes, and then went to hand editing, (partly because LO was doing weird things). A few jiffies after that I also discovered the mysteries of CSS. What a wonderful invention! my page was getting a bit cluttered until that moment.

I should be going live tomorrow at ammondodson.info, so look for me on the web.