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Comcast Urges FCC To Ban States From Protecting Broadband Privacy, Net Neutrality

from the zero-accountability dept

Mon, Nov 6th 2017 6:27am

When the government gutted broadband privacy rules earlier this year, more than thirty states rushed to create their own guidelines for privacy in the modern era. And while having disparate, disjointed state-by-state protections isn't always ideal, it wouldn't have occurred if ISP lobbyists hadn't successfully gutted modest federal protections. With federal lawmakers all but in their back pockets, ISPs like Verizon have shifted their focus to these uncooperative states…

And more police brutality

Cop Loses Immunity After Shooting, Headstomping Gravely-Injured Suspect

from the rollback dept

Mon, Nov 6th 2017 3:52pm

Court decisions stripping officers of immunity for civil liberties violations are still mostly an anomaly. But we'll take what we can get. This immunity-stripping decision by the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court appears to have been aided by the police department's own dashcam video…


And more police brutality.

Shareblue Media reporter violently arrested while covering GOP nominee for Virginia governor

October 31, 2017

Shareblue Media reporter Mike Stark has been harassed, ejected from public events, and prevented from covering Republican Ed Gillespie's campaign for governor of Virginia. Then he was thrown to the ground and handcuffed by six police officers.…

So the FAFSA website will accept Abc123#$ as a valid password, but not M998$nmaz*MCVGG#+/9]&0&jy. We have some bright security brains at work in this country.


Verizon Lobbies FCC To Block States From Protecting Broadband Privacy, Net Neutrality

from the states-rights...when-convenient dept

Wed, Nov 1st 2017 11:55am

Earlier this year, the Trump administration and GOP handed a giant gift to the nation's telecom duopolies when they dismantled FCC broadband privacy protections. While ISPs whined incessantly about the rules, the protections were relatively modest -- simply requiring that large ISPs be transparent about what personal data is being collected and sold, who it's being sold to, and that working opt out tools be provided to consumers. The FCC's rules were only created after Verizon was caught modifying packets to covertly track users around the internet and AT&T tried to make consumer privacy a luxury add on…

Incidentally My congressman, Derek Kilmer, opposed this measure.


Matt was kind enough to jump start our car after having left the lights on yesterday.


And the madness continues.


Took Kelly to meet the Zechenelly's today.


Took Kelly on a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula to visit my parents.


I picked up Kelly at Seatac.


Kelly entered the United States


Kelly got her visa this morning!


Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal

Back in the good old days-- the "Golden Era" of computers-- it was easy to separate the men from the boys (sometimes called "Real Men" and "Quiche Eaters" in the literature). During this period, the Real Men were the ones who understood computer programming, and the Quiche Eaters were the ones who didn't. A real computer programmer said things like "DO 10 I=1,10" and "ABEND" (they actually talked in capital letters, you understand), and the rest of the world said things like "computers are too complicated for me" and "I can't relate to computers-- they're so impersonal". (A previous work [1] points out that Real Men don't "relate" to anything, and aren't afraid of being impersonal.)…

So we're pulling out of UNESCO. We've done that before, and it's not like we've made a payment in the last few years anyway. I'm more concerned about the Iran deal. Anti-American sentiment is exactly what we don't need to be creating more of in the middle east. I'm sure Russia or China would be more than happy to be Iran's best friend, and I don't think that would be good for us.

U.S. Will Withdraw From Unesco, Citing Its ‘Anti-Israel Bias’

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it would withdraw from Unesco, the United Nations cultural organization, after years of the United States distancing itself because of what it called the group’s “anti-Israel bias.”…


The Terrorists Won

On a Sunday morning in 2008 or thereabouts, I came downstairs with my son, then around three, to make some breakfast. I opened the curtains onto our quiet little cul-du-sac and immediately noticed something odd was afoot. Two cops were charging up the street with their guns drawn. Another was close behind them…

So this is what intellectual property has become.

Neighbor Sues For $2.5 Million After Renovation Looks Too Much Like Their Own House

from the copyright-madness dept

Mon, Oct 16th 2017 3:39pm

Copyright on home design has always been a really sketchy idea. Earlier this year, we wrote about a disturbing trend of housing copyright trolls and have had some other similar stories over time. For reasons that are beyond me, the Berne Convention requires copyright on architecture, and that creates silly situations, such as the one in Australia, where a homeowner was forced…

And heres another one for the absurdly over-sensitive file. Our good Chancellor recently sent this to all UW Tacoma students. Maybe he's just gun-shy after everything happening at Evergreen. I can't imagine anyone without some anal-retentive over-emotional axe to grind having any problem with this.

October 16, 2017

Friends and colleagues,

Let me start by thanking members of our student body for their willingness to step forward to share their concerns about a hurtful mistake I made last week during my Town Hall. I need to apologize to our campus community for an offensive term I used.

As I was introducing new faculty and campus and student leadership, I used an insensitive expression, referring to Lauren Montgomery, chair of the UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly, as a “slave-driver.” I meant this in a positive manner and hoped to convey how I appreciated her work ethic and skill in conducting very productive and efficient meetings. However, that phrase I used was not positive and is offensive. I immediately recognized my error and feel terrible that I did not stop and correct myself in the moment, a mistake I will learn from. This expression is not consistent with our campus values and does not convey an inclusive spirit or welcoming environment.

I clearly cannot go back to last week and un-say what I said. I deeply regret using this phrase and apologize for this insensitive use of language.


Mark A. Pagano


Kelly's visa has been approved.


I suppose it was only a matter of time before The Harmon realized they were giving a good deal. The $3 cheeseburgers and $5 chilli cheese fries both went up by $2. Not to say that's a bad price; it's totally fair, but it's not a deal anymore. I shall have to eat elsewhere until I actually have money.


I'm at LAX. On the way back to Seattle to go to school.

September 27, 2017

Dear students, faculty and staff,

This is one of my favorite times of the year, the start of classes in the fall, as the campus comes to life with new and returning students. I love the crispness in the air and the hint of fall colors in the foliage. While it may not be our first time for many of us on campus, we know it is all new to some of you, and that makes it doubly exciting for us as well.

We will not know the final number until later in October, but I can say that, once again, we will have a record number of students, more than 5,000. You will be joined by 16 new faculty members and many new staff faces. Welcome to you all.

We are a vital part of the great University of Washington. I urge you to read President Ana Mari Cauce’s message launching the new year. For as long as you are here, you have access to all the resources of one of the world’s best universities—take advantage of these life-changing opportunities!

I invite you to join me for Convocation, at 12:30 p.m. on September 29, in the center of campus on the Grand Staircase. It is our annual ceremony welcoming everyone into university life, and celebrating the strong connections between our university and our surrounding community. On October 10, at 9 a.m. in Philip Hall, I will host the first Chancellor’s Town Hall of the academic year—your chance to learn about the strategic and administrative issues that affect our future.

Also new this year is the Chancellor’s Blog, a web resource I will use to keep you informed of what I’m doing and issues I believe are important to us. Right now, you can learn more about a conference I am attending with several other UW Tacoma faculty and staff in Birmingham, Alabama, on publicly-engaged scholarship.

The common thread running through the themes of the start of this new academic year is that we teach and learn as a community. I echo President Cauce’s words: “We must remember to ask questions and listen to one another, as well as learn to find our voices and be heard. We need the strength that comes from being a community founded on mutual respect, trust and support.”

I draw on this strength every day, as I hope you do and will. As long as we maintain that mutual respect, trust and support, that strength is inexhaustible. It will fuel everything we do in the coming year. All we need to do is step forward and commit ourselves.

Welcome to 2017-18 at UW Tacoma!

Mark A. Pagano


México tested its seismic alarm again today, without any apparent warning. As if people weren't already traumatized enough.

It wasn't a test; we just counldn't feel it here.


yesterday we went out to make ourselves heros. I saw abundant evidence of everyday people donating their time, energy, and material to help out their neighbors. There is plenty of help available but no one is organizing. We're beginning to find out that the damage and need is quite extensive in the southern states, but all the attention is focused on Mexico City where the news agencies, politicians, and TV stars all live.


Earthquake! Stronger this time. Power, Internet and cell phones are out.

Power returned 3-4 hours later.

Power is out again.

It's Baack!


Welcome to TCES 230 Intro to Logic Design! I am your instructor, Mike McCourt. I'll have more information for you starting next week. Make sure to check your email and our course webpage on Canvas. You can access Canvas through myUW starting next week.

We are going to have a full class at 62 students. Previously, we had the class divided into two lab sections, which is very full for our lab space in Cherry Parkes 206D. We just added a third lab section on Friday mornings. I believe that it is at the same time 10:15-12:20. If you don't want to be in a crowded lab section, you should consider switching. If you do switch, you'll have a smaller class size so more opportunity to ask questions and get help when needed. This will also make it easier for us to supervise the lab sections and make sure all students are learning what they should be in the lab.

Thank you for considering switching lab sections. I'll see you all next week!



Kelly makes the BEST Tinga Eveerrr!!!!


I don't even want to know how much money I just spent today.


Happy anniversary my lovely girl.




We have an interview date in October. We found out last night.


Happy birthday Hermosa.


We went to the zoo with Yoani.


Last night someone in our hostel cut one of the fiber lines for our Internet connection. It had been unplugged late last night before we went to bed. Yesterday the landlord had the line and modem moved to a more central location so we were getting solid WiFi connectivity. I can only imagine insanity as the cause.


The Internet here is super slow for some reason, even though it is Infinitum fiber.


The NVC is finished reviewing our documents so we are now waiting for an interview appointment.
Dear Sir/Madam,

The National Visa Center (NVC) received all the requested documentation for this immigrant visa case. The applicant is now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas, where a consular officer will adjudicate the applicant’s visa application.

NVC schedules appointments one month in advance. The U.S. Embassy tells us what dates they are holding interviews, and NVC fills these appointments as they become documentarily qualified. Most appointments are set within three months of NVC’s receipt of all requested documentation. However, before applicants in a numerically limited (preference) visa category can receive an appointment, their priority date must also be current. This can delay receipt of an appointment. You can track your priority date using the Visa Bulletin on travel.state.gov.

When an appointment is available, we will notify the applicant, petitioner and attorney (if applicable). The applicant can prepare now by reading about the embassy’s interview requirements online at nvc.state.gov/interview. Thank you for your patience.

The embassy may require additional documents at the interview. For example, if the following three items are all true, the applicant must bring a new police certificate to the visa interview:

  • He or she is more than 16 years old;
  • The police certificate submitted to NVC was obtained more than one year ago; and
  • He or she still lives in the country that issued the certificate.

The applicant should not make any travel arrangements, sell property, or give up employment until the embassy has issued a visa.


National Visa Center

Case Number: …
Preference Category: CR1
Priority Date: 07-DEC-16

Today was spent filling up suitcases, dragging them across the city, emptying them out, and taking them back to be filled up again.


Yesterday I spent the night in the airport, then boarded a plane at 0530 and made 3 stops before arriving in Houston almost 12 hours later. I met Brad Bailey of LightingInc: the largest lighting supplier in Texas.


Dear Sir/Madam,

The National Visa Center (NVC) is processing this immigrant visa case. Please read the attached information and follow the instructions.

This message contains confidential information for the person named in the attachment. If you are not the addressee, please notify asknvc@state.gov.

If you do not want to receive email correspondence, send a request to ?Opt Out? of email to
asknvc@state.gov. Please DO NOT REPLY to this email.

National Visa Center
32 Rochester Ave.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Our case has gone to review and will be scheduled for an interview. I have hopes that she will be home before Christmas.


Welcome back!

You have been readmitted to attend UW Tacoma as a returning student. Registration for returning students begins with Period 2 registration and you will register through MyUW. Please refer to the quarter you have been admitted where you will find the Important Dates and Registration Schedule: http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/office-registrar/registration-courses

You are encouraged to check in with your academic advisor for course / major planning. http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/aac/appointment

If you need further assistance contact the Registrar's Office at 253-692-4319 or email reguwt@uw.edu.

Again, we welcome you back to UW Tacoma!

Ted Olsen
Associate Director, Office of Admissions

Office of Admissions: http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/uwt/admissions
Financial Aid: http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/uwt/financial-aid
Student Transition Programs: http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/node/41496
Academic Advising: http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/node/43354


Today Kelly's brothers and mother forced the door of her apartment and started taking things again. The police were called and actually arrived. They took most of the furniture, refrigerator, and the washing machine.



Mother and brothers forced their way into the house. Kelly barracaded herself in her room. they took things.


I got the heater core in my truck today. I also removed a bunch more useless wire and straightened out one of the air doors.


While driving home yesterday night in my dad's Jetta we ran over a fist-sized rock that tore out the oil pan. There is no cell service on much of WA Hwy 112 so we sat for several hours until some nice people drove down to where they could get service and called for us.

So the NVC takes about 3 weeks to reply by email.

Dear Sir/Madam:

The National Visa Center (NVC) received your inquiry regarding the immigrant visa petition: … filed by AMMON BLAINE DODSON on behalf of GRECIA RAQUEL GUEVARA HERNANDEZ.

We received mail for this case. We are experiencing a high volume of incoming mail at this time. For current processing times, please visit our website at nvc.state.gov/submit (English) or nvc.state.gov/enviar/espanol (Spanish). We are diligently working to reduce our review time and appreciate your patience. NVC will notify you after our review if there is additional information required or if we are able to schedule your case for an interview.

Trying to get out to Neah Bay today in my truck we noticed that my heater core is leaking pretty badly. So I pulled it out today. I'm going to try to fix the air doors while I'm at it so that the defroster will work better.




I called the NVC today and spoke with Jay. He said that they have received both my mailed packets. Their wait time is 11-12 weeks after having received the latest one before the case can go to review. So I never should have sent the second one. We should be hearing from them at the end of September.



I diagnosed and replaced the alternator on a Mercury Verada outboard today.


I bought tickets para ver a mi niña!!!!



I have sent the packet containing my financial and supporting documents. I have sent this packet twice. Once in May and again on june 26. The latest packet was delivered on june 28. CEAC continues to say that I have to send these documents. I have received no acknowledgement for either packet. I have not received any communication at all since I completed the electronic DS-260 in May. There does not seem to be any documentation pertaining to what I should be doing now. There is no mention of how long I should wait for a response or what to do if I receive none.

Thank you for your inquiry! A Customer Service Representative will reply to you by email as soon as possible. We review and reply to emails in the order they are received.


Day uncertain.


Happy Tau Day Everybody!


I sent our document packet to the NVC again since they have not acknowledged receipt of the first one. I sent this one Certified mail so I can prove that they have it.



I got to see my sister's commencement ceremony today. She's all adult-like now.


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